Best Baseball Bat On The Market ?

Best baseball bat on the market

Easton S50 Youth Bat

Easton is one of the leading baseball gear manufacturers in the United States, and their bats are a main reason for that. After the introduction of their "Stealth" series in the early 2000s, Easton bats have been a top choice of baseball players of all ages

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Easton continues on that popularity with the sleek red S50 bat. With a strong but lightweight aluminum alloy design, the S50 is usable by kids of all ages while providing a great deal of power. Its All Sports grip gives the user maximum control over the bat ensuring that it won't slip when the bat is going through its swinging motion.

The S50 is fully certified for use in all metal bat leagues, and at a value price it is a great option for those looking to get into baseball. With an average rating on Amazon of 4.6/5 stars, the S50 is on of most well received bats on the market.


The MAKO TORQ is a higher priced option when it comes to baseball bats, but the quality of the bat makes it the cost worth it.

With Thermo Composite Technology, the MAKO TORQ maximizes the "sweet spot" of the bat for better chance of solid contact with the ball. The MAKO TORQ also uses technology to transfer energy to the fullest from your body through the bat to the ball, making the most out of sold swing technique.

With a 360 TorqATM rotating handle, users are better prepared to produce high quality swings at the ball. TORQ TAQATM grip ensure that user have a great grip, making swings not only better, but safer.

. The MAKO TORQ is certified in all metal bat leagues. Its two-piece design and sharp green, black, and white color scheme make it one of the coolest look bats on the market. With 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon, the MAKO TORQ has almost a perfect reputation among buyers.

Louisville Slugger

Louisville Slugger's have long been one of the most popular bats in baseball, particularly through their TPX and Exo series.

Still today, Louisville Slugger produces some of the high quality bats that are used by a multitude of baseball players everywhere. The YBAR152 is a one piece, 100% alloy design, that provides a crucial combination of lightness, power, and durability.

With almost 100 reviews on Amazon at an average of 4.5 stars, the YBAR is a high quality bat for anyone in the market for one.

Louisville Slugger YBAR152

Its lightweight makes it usable for kids of all ages and its power makes it an enjoyable experience to watch the baseball fly off the bat. Durability is a key quality of a baseball bat because it will throw in the dirt or grass numerous times, and the YBAR152 is suited for that. With a tapered handle, the YBAR has strong grip to ensure the least amount of slips while swinging.

· Louisville Slugger 2016 SL Omaha

Louisville Slugger's Omaha series is one of the most well known bat series within baseball. Composed of the newest lightweight 7U1 alloy, the Omaha produces a great balance between bat speed and power. With a maximized sweet spot, users of the Omaha can have confidence in quality bat to ball connection.

The Omaha's grip is a Lizards SkinsATM grip, which is a soft touch for easy use on the hand all the while maximizing stick. With a longer barrel than previous Omaha installments, users will be able to reach those pitches on the outside portion of the plate

. The Omaha's sharp red, silver, and black layout gives users an awesome look with it in their hands. The Omaha comes in a variety of sizes that give customers the option to choose what might be the best size for their needs.

Best baseball bats on the market


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