Best Youth Baseball Bats

Benefits of Using a Quality Baseball Bat

Why should you bother investing in the quality baseball bat for your child anyway? Isn't it better to spend more money as he begins to improve and wants to continue seriously playing?

The answer here would depend. Is your kid playing just for fun, or for the big league? While you can get him any baseball bat, the BEST and QUALITY baseball bat will help improve his hits and keep him safe! Many benefits are spending more money on a baseball bat will do for you and your child

For starters, he'll be comfortable with the bat. No one wants to use an awkwardly-sized bat not suitable for his size. That way, he'll have a better time carrying and hitting the ball using the bat, vastly improving his skills and winning the game.​


Second is safety. Quality bats focus on security and protection of your child, with the right weight and durability for it to not break when hit. After all, you wouldn't want your child to get injured or cry because of a broken and cheap bat! With a good bat for your kid, he'll be able to play without you worrying about damage.

The third is durability. If your child does start to become dangerous with his baseball dream, he'll want to start training longer hours and more intensely. Using a quality act will save you a lot of money in the long run because it will stay in its pristine condition for a long time without the need to replace it. No parent would want to spend oodles of money on many bats that regularly break. It's not only a waste of money but time and effort are looking for a bat in the long run.

So while I say set a reasonable budget for your children's bats, do NOT scrimp on it! A quality bat helps him improve his game and will maybe encourage him to hone his dream of becoming a baseball player. It doesn't matter how young they are; you'll need to make your investments as well.

Top Ten Best Youth Baseball Bats

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One of the best sports to play would be baseball. Known to have a lot of health benefits and a major calorie burner, it's a reason why this game is trendy across the United States! Many children start out playing the sport while they're young to hone their skill and passion, hoping to make it big as they turn into athletes!

But when it comes to playing baseball, there are other things you'll need to consider, including the equipment you'll be using. A substantial investment would be the baseball bat, which is an absolute essential. You'll need the best youth baseball bats for you to improve your skills and win the game, especially if you're a young and budding player!

So if you're looking for a quality baseball bat for your child, then look not further as I show you the ultimate purchasing guide you'll need.

What is a Youth Baseball Bat?

When I was young, I joined the baseball league and began pitching and batting balls. I moved on from toy bats or softer ones, going to the little league games with bats similar to professionals, but smaller and more adequate for kids.

And once my kid started playing baseball (just like his old man!), he too began his baseball journey and started moving his way up to the official youth baseball bats. Since I was young and just got handed the bat from my father, I got confused as to what I should get for my kid! While I do believe I have knowledge on baseball (after all, it's a huge hobby!), I was still a bit confused with choosing something for my boy. And that's when I started doing some research.

For all parents out there, a baseball bat is something players use to hit the baseball with a particular force for it to gain speed and distance (though not too much!). This helps continue the game and help him win. If he hits the ball at a long distance, he'll have ample time to run and hit his base. Or, if he hits strong enough for a home run, he wins a score for the team. BUT, it shouldn't be too hard, or the ball might go out of bounds

How to Purchase the Best Youth Baseball Bats

Now that you know what a baseball bat can do for your child and how to use them properly, how will you know what the best youth baseball bats are? Here are the tips and factors to consider (which we used when choosing the top ten best baseball bats for the youth).

Size and Weight

You will need to consider your child's size before purchasing a bat. Many come in standard sizes, thankfully, so here is a chart to help you figure out what's ideal and comfortable for your kid:

When measuring your child, do so with their baseball cleats on. The bat should be at the height of your child's hip. If it's longer, it would be too long for swinging.

Children who are under 60 pounds should use a bat with a length of 26 to 29 inches, while those who are heavier should go for longer ones, such as 28 to 32 inches.

The average length needed for young baseball players who are around four feet and weigh 100 pounds would be a 29-inch baseball bat. Consider this table for more help.


Youth baseball bats have a length that ranges from 26 to 32 inches. All baseball bats would have a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter and have a -7 to -13 length to weight ratio.

You don't usually measure the bat's actual weight for a drop weight, but its weight ratio. The drop weight would be the difference of the length and actual weight of the bat. The bigger the drop weight, the lighter the bat would be. Those who are in high school or college would have a weight drop not exceeding to -3 (which is a standard for BBCR bats).


Composite Bats

Composite bats have a material similar to carbon fiber, making it easier to control the weight distribution for a more balanced bat. It minimizes missing the hit of the ball with less vibration and larger sweet spots, along with better pop. BUT, they are expensive and will need time breaking in (usually 150 to 200 hits).

Alloy Bats

Alloy bats are made of either metal or aluminum. They're less expensive than composite bats and do not require breaking into. They also last longer and don't crack. BUT, they have smaller sweet spots and less pop.

Wooden Bats

Wooden bats are the original and traditional bats, still very popular among baseball players. These are what the big league uses for a leveled and fair game, as well as to improve their skills naturally without the help of other factors (which are the bat materials and strength from harder types). Under the wooden bat are these types of material:

  • Ash is famous among those in the big league, as it provides flexibility with its unique grain structure. It's also very durable and with the quality that makes you feel confident with your strong hits
  • Maple is also another type of wood preferred by many pro players, as it offers surface madness with the BEST pop and feels when making contact with the bat. It also has better strength when meeting with the ball. With its closed grains, it reduced the chicness of flaking (as compared to using ash bats), so it is one of the most dur
  • Birch is also another type becoming more popular for professional baseball players, which features both surface hardness and flexibility, as well as a fair amount of durability. It has an excellent sound and feels when making contact with the ball. It's also lighter than maple for better swing weights


While the looks of your bat may not be the most important element when choosing a bat, your kid may want something more attractive that suits his personality and will be easier to identify apart from all the other kids' bats! You can find a lot of baseball bats for youth that offers more designs than just the standard one. You can have your kid check all of them out for him to enjoy his bat better. Plus, it gives him the independence in choosing his own bat

One more factor I would like to share with you is to always look at the customer reputation. That way, you know what to expect when you get the bat, from the customer service down to performance and lifespan. I urge you to not scrimp on baseball bats, because like mentioned, you get what you pay for, and these are an investment for your child's hobby and possible future

Top Ten Best Youth Baseball Bats

Based on research, testing, and overall customer experience, here are our top ten choices on the best youth baseball bats to purchase on the market today:

1. Easton S500 Youth Baseball Bat

Easton is another great brand for those wanting to venture out when looking for baseball bats. My son loved this bat too, because of its sleek and professional design that made him feel like he were really playing as a professional baseball player with the big guys!

This baseball bat features a -13 length to weight ratio made out of evenly balanced 7050 aircraft alloy. It's BCR approved and okay for playing in many games, such as the Little League, Dixie, AA BC, Babe Ruth, USSSA 1.15 BPF, and Pony.

While I tried gripping it, its got that all sports grip that anyone can feel, making me worry less about my son if he holds onto it. It's ultra-thin and perfect for child's hands. Also, it's secure and won't crack underneath while he makes that nice-sounding pop as he hits home runs! It's made of aircraft-grade aluminum, so you are definitely assured quality and durability built to last longer than your typical bat. It's light but strong, with a lighter swing weight yet adequately large sweet spots with the evenly balanced design.

At such an affordable price, you'll definitely want to let your child try this bat out for himself.

  • Pros

Professional design

Very affordable for its quality

Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum for durability

Lightweight and evenly balanced for hitting

Ultra-thin handles for better grip

  • Cons

It will incur some dents

May be illegal for Little League games

Name : 

Customer rating : 

Size  : 

Easton S500 Youth Baseball Bat

 31" 18 oz.

 32" 19 oz.

2. Marucci 2015 Junior Cat 6 Big Barrel Baseball Bat

Marucci offers an awesome bat at slightly more expensive price than others, but that isn't a big deal. It's well worth its price with the one-piece alloy construction with the professionally-inspired extended barrel profile and ring-free barrel technology for a larger sweet spot. It's made by the big boys and for the aspiring little ones, with the professional quality and handiwork to let my child practice until he reaches that level of baseball.

The grip feels amazing. My child has reported NO vibration thanks to its anti-vibration knob. It has better balance and control because of it! The micro-perforated soft touch grip is very comfortable in the hands, and because of its light weight, my son has no problem gripping the bat for long periods of time. Take note that this baseball bat is meant for children five to seven years old, with different sizes available ranging between 25 to 27 inches. Also, take note that the barrel size is 2 3/4 inch

Approved by 1.15 BPF, for child can use this in official games and without worry of it breaking anytime soon. My child loved it and I wish they made more sizes for those older than seven years old!

  • Pros

Great balance and control

Large sweet spot and amazing pop

Comfortable grip and feel

Professional design

No vibration felt

  • Cons

Big barrel bat won't be allowed for little league

It's more expensive than other baseball bats

Bat is only meant for children five to seven years old

Name : 

Customer rating :

Size :

Marucci 2015 Junior Cat6 Big Barrel Baseball Bat

 25" 15 ounce.

 26" 16 ounce.

 27" 17 ounce.

3. Louisville Slugger YBCT152 Youth 2015 Catalyst Baseball Bat

Louisville is another trusted brand out there for baseball products, with this composite-designed bat being no exception in quality.It's averagely priced and my child appreciates how it doesn't have much vibration but with a better trampoline effect. He also likes the light swing weight and huge sweet spot, making my child hit more home runs. Of course, practice with a quality bat makes it perfect as well!

It's got the traditional design and feel to it, with the better balance and control compared to cheaper and lower-quality alternatives. The bat is also very durable and can withstand many hits, maybe for more than a season! Even without it being broken in, it already performs to my child's expectations. BUT, you'll also need to take note about the regulations of your child's little league baseball team, as there will be new rules next year. But even then, it's worth the investment if you want your child to train properly and with the right bat for him.

  • Pros

Lightweight and durable

Better balance and control

Nice pop and large sweet spot

Great performance even if not broken in yet

Better value for a composite bat

  • Cons

Weird flared out handle above the knob

Taping is thicker than the handle

You need to check with your little league's regulations for next year

Name : 

Customer rating :

Size :

Louisville Slugger YBCT152 Youth 2015 Catalyst Baseball Bat

 29" 17 oz.

 30" 18 oz.

 31" 19 oz.

 30" 20 oz.

4. Easton MAKO Composite Youth Baseball Bat

My child went crazy with the neon green and black design of the bat! I went nuts over it as well, because it looked very attractive and I loved my child's reaction. Yes, it's at a more expensive price range, but like what I said, you truly get what you pay for. While you can find affordable bats with quality, they are like a gem, a rarity you just can't seem to always find (but fortunately, I put all these affordable yet genuine gems here on this list!). Anyway, if you have the budget and want to make sure your child gets the best, then this Easton composite bat will do wonders.

It uses Thermo Composite Technology, a unique feature only the Make Baseball Bats have. Not only does this make them professional to use, but it has one of the fastest swinging bats when played, featuring both a massive sweet spot and excellent feel. With its cushioned hyper skin grip for soft comfort and technology that eliminates vibration and maximizes your child's energy to hitting the ball, it's definitely well worth the price you pay for.

  • Pros

Features advanced technology for amazing performance

Large sweet spots with lighter swings

Maximizes energy transfer

No vibrations felt

Comfortable grip

  • Cons

More expensive than other bats

Not as durable as other bats, usually lasts for just one season

Name : 

Customer rating :

Size : 

Easton MAKO Composite Youth Baseball Bat

 30" 18 oz.

5. Louisville Slugger YBAT14-R5

Louisville is yet another excellent baseball bat made for the professional and young baseball players. Though a bit expensive, remember what I said about quality for those sweet spots your child will absolutely love!

It has a -10 length to weight ratio and a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter. Approved for playing in many Little League and official games, this baseball bat is a great choice for playing in the field rather than just for training. Back to its features, my child loved the feel and performance. Why? Because its for the three-piece Pure 360 Composite construction, featuring thinner walls for lighter weight and an even better pop.

It also uses Tru3 Technology for the best trampoline effect while eliminating stings and vibration. It makes my child's hits more consistent and even better chances at home runs. Thin, strong, lightweight, yet with the pop and sweet spot for better hits, that's the exact formula any baseball player needs, may they be in the Little or Big League.

  • Pros

Comes with a money back guarantee

Great customer service and fast shipment

Lightweight but with a lot of pop

Adequately-sized sweet spot

Better chances at home runs

Less vibrations and more comfortable feel

  • Cons

Expensive price

Taping isn't as tight as expected

Name : 

Customer rating :


Louisville Slugger YBAT14-R5

 30" 20 oz.

6. Rawlings Youth Baseball Rx4

Rawlings Youth Baseball Bat offers the synthetic yet quality material made to last. It has the thin RX4 allow barrel end construction and a 2 5/8 inch barrel dimeter to easily find that sweet spot. While it might not be allowed for some games, it's a big yes for those associations that accept baseball bats with the said diameter. It also has that original design like what I used back when I was a child so it was a bit nostalgic. Of course, they pimped it up a bit to make it look even sleeker!

It does the basic job of providing the large sweet spots without straining your son's form. The comfortable grip and excellent performance makes my child a better player. But take note these are better for smaller children, maybe around five to seven years old. At a very affordable price, it's a good investment. But remember it may not be as durable as the other more expensive ones out there. If you want something for training or as an alternative for official games, I would recommend this one.

  • Pros

Very affordable price

Perfect for beginners

Lightweight and thin for better grip

Attractive design

Nice pop and sweet spot

  • Cons

May not last very long

Won't be allowed by some associations with a barrel diameter limit

Name : 

Customer rating :


Rawlings Youth Baseball Rx4

 25" 14 oz.

 31" 18 oz.

7. DeMarini 2016 Voodoo Raw Youth Baseball Bat

DeMarini is another cool baseball brand designed to give your child better performance with their Voodoo Raw Youth Baseball Bat. It uses a D-Fusion 2.0 Handle Technology made to transfer more of your child's energy to the ball for better speed and without the vibration. It has an extended barrels ensign for a ledger sweet spot, as well as the RCK Knob for comfort and a better grip.

The baseball bat features a -13 length to wight ratio, as well as a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter, making it acceptable to use for little league games and other associations. With its light swing and the advanced technology for maximum performance and comfort, this composite baseball bat is ideal for many games and well worth its price, despite it being a bit over budget for some parents. You're truly getting something well worth your investment.

  • Pros

Very lightweight and great for control and balance

Excellent performance even without breaking in

Minimal vibration and comfortable grip

Drastically improves baseball skills for children

  • Cons

A bit more expensive than other bats

Might incur some dents

Name : 

Customer rating :


Demarini 2016 Voodoo Raw Youth Baseball Bat

 31" 18 oz.

 32" 19 oz.

8. Rawlings Youth Velo Ash with Ultra Thin Tac Grip Wood

Rawlings Youth Velo Ash is on of the most affordable yet quality baseball baths for the youth out there. When I had my child give it a few swings, even he appreciated the traditional feel of a baseball bat. It has a small barrel size fit for any associations' regulations, as well as the ultra thin tac-grip for an enhanced feel. It's balanced and with a larger hitting surface, making it have a better sweet spot. The baseball bat would also maximize one's swing speed while combining both balance and control. All that at such an affordable price!

  • Pros

Very affordable

Nice balance and control

Good sweet spot and pop

Does the basic job in helping your child excel in baseball

  • Cons

Not as durable as other bats

More ideal for training than official games

Name : 

Customer rating :


Rawlings Youth Velo Ash with Ultra Thin Tac Grip Wood Bat

 27" 19.5 oz.

 28" 20.5 oz.

 29" 21.5 oz.

 30" 22.5 oz.

 31" 23.5 oz.


What I love about the Combat VIGSL110 is how cool it looks! My child loves the sleek orange and silver design that made him feel so much power and confidence while training. I'm sad that this isn't accepted by the little league, though my child loves this while training or when playing baseball with his family or friends. It does have the certification mark from USSSA BPF and BBCOR for legitimacy and to play for other games other than the little league.

This one-piece compositely designed baseball bat has he balanced swing weight and ideal -10 length to weight ratio, no matter the size you choose. It also has a 2 5/8 battle dekameter to easily hit that sweet spot. My child hit more home runs with this than any other bat, and that sweet pop was like music to our ears.

As for durability, it's a huge factor I look into and this bat passed the test. It lasts for a VERY long time, despite the many intense hits my child has made with it. Of course, replacement is inevitable, but it certainly did an EXCELLENT job during its lifespan. And at such an affordable price, at that!

All in all, this is THE bat for training and games for parents who don't want to spend much, but don't want to compromise on quality as well. Just be sure to check with your league to see if they accept big barrel baseball bats.

  • Pros

Amazing pop

Large sweet spot

Great design

Balanced swing

Affordable price for a composite bat

  • Cons

Big barrel may not be accepted in little league

New model might take time until accepting it for some games

Name :

Customer rating :

Size :

Combat Vigsl110

 28" 18 oz

 29" 19 oz. 

 30" 20 oz.

 31" 21 oz.

 31" 21 oz.

 32" 22 oz.

10.Combat Youth 2016 Maxum-12 Baseball Bat

Combat definitely makes it to the top ten choices because of its topnotch baseball bats that surpass our expectations. While the previous composite bat has a big barrel so it may not be accepted in some official games, the Youth 2016 Maxum Bat is perfect and accepted for most games, making it a great buy for any child. It's approved for USSSA, Little League Baseball, Piny, Dixie, AA BC, and Babe Ruth.

This baseball has a single wall construction and for a youth baseball bat, it has one of the longest barrels but the lightest swing. Oh, and that amazingly large sweet spot, known to be the largest in the industry. So, yes, you can see why I made this the next best thing from ANOTHER Combat baseball bat.

My child also loved this baseball bat because of these features, which made him push through boundaries and win even more games. The combination of light swing weight and a huge sweet spot makes my child have an easier time batting. The composite design uses modern technology and with a high quality layer of material to withstand pressure.

Durability? Like what I mentioned, it's made of the quality material to last for intense hits. It's also almost always constant and eliminates the weak points, making sure that it delivers perfectly and with the long lifespan parents will appreciate. And at such an affordable price, too!

  • Pros

Excellent customer service

More chance of hitting home runs

Certified for little league games

Largest swing pop

Lightest swing weight

  • Cons

Might feel some vibration

Needs to broken in properly, over 200 hits

Name :

Customer rating

Size : 

Combat Youth 2016 Maxum-12 Baseball Bat

31" 19 oz.

How to Use a Baseball Bat Properly for Games and Training

Just because you purchase the best youth baseball bats for your kid doesn't mean he'll be an expert immediately! It will take a lot of time and training for him to hone his skills. Plus, it will require some time to you for practice! Not only will this help with their qualifications, but the bond between parent and child. Here are some tips on helping your child use his baseball bat, as well as more tips on how to take care of it:

• Baseball bats would require a bit of breaking in before starting to feel better in both performance and grip. Make sure to train your child and have him solidly hit about 200 baseballs before using it for the official games.

• It's better to let your son see how to properly swing a bat, so show him the proper stance and how YOU or any other coach or professional, would swing a bat. Bringing him to baseball games or watching it on the television is also a great way to begin.

• Practice with his stance and form first, before moving on to speed and timing of the hit. Then, help him practice bat control through wrist exercises using the bat. There are many drills you can teach him to do for your child to get used to the form and performance.

• Allow your child to use his bat without a ball first, letting him get used to the feel. Have him swing a few times, and once your child is familiar with the bat and baseball terms (such as sweet spot or pops), then have him hit a few baseballs to get started.

• Be patient and teach him the proper sportsmanship. He won't get it at first, just like everyone else, so keep training and allow him to learn with a positive attitude and passion for the game. Of course, a good coach is a huge plus as well!

• Have your son practice swinging with its label facing him for better form and bat safety.

When caring for your kid's baseball bat, follow these tips:

• Avoid using dimpled balls, as this would damage the baseball bat. Also, don't use the bat to kick off dirt from your cleats.

• Bats will break, so it's best to have your child NOT share bats to make it last longer. Limit the usage of bats unless it's for official games. Use another type of bat (with similar dimensions) for training.

• Avoid using your bat at lower temperatures, as they have a higher chance of breaking. They don't have a maximum temperature you should take note of.

Best Experience

While I have experienced a lot of baseball bats as a child and adult, there was no better feeling than teaching my own kid how to play baseball. That's why I jumped at the chance to help purchase his very own bat, doing tons of research and helping him test it out before I purchase the perfect one.

While I love the Combat VIGSL110 for my child, I realize that not all children would feel the same and their perfect bat would depend on their comfort and personal preference. That's the reason why I chose ten different baseball bats to suit any young and aspiring baseball player!

The Combat VIGSL110 is the ultimate baseball bat many children will love because of its sleek and orange design. It's easily noticeable and would come in different sizes, featuring the dimensions acceptable for training and comfort. The baseball bat was a hit for my kid, who loved swinging and practicing with it. It's the BEST baseball bat for practice, since it's a big barrel bat that may not be allowed in little league games, unfortunately.

If you're looking for the Combat baseball bat suitable for official games, then the Youth 2016 Maxum is the one your child would want. My kid truly appreciated this "big boy" bat, as it had the professional feel to it and with the sleek and classic design. It's approved by many certified organizations for games. Plus, it's got the largest sweet spot your child will appreciate for even better hits with the ball.

These two baseball bats have one thing in common, and it isn't just the brand name! It's quality. Just like the other top choices I made for youth baseball bats, it's meant to target all users and make sure that your children will both enjoy and utilize the bat to make it well worth the investment. So whether your child is at a certain size or age, weight or level in baseball, he will surely appreciate any of these bats as they offer EVERYTHING a budding baseball player needs, which are:

• Quality and performance

• Comfortability in size

• Certification for official play

• Outstanding grip

• A good sweet spot and pop

• Durability and safety

• And of course, the confidence your little one needs to keep going and improving his skills in baseball

My child's experience with testing all these baseball bats may be different from others, but one thing's for sure: You've got an abundant of the BEST choices based on my knowledge and actual testing of the bat. Choosing a bat may be tough at first, but when you team up with your child, the actual user, it will be even better and easier.

Also, something I should add when you plan on purchasing a baseball bat, I urge you to check legitimate websites like Amazon for reviews and prices. You'll get a good basis there and be able to get even more genuine reviews so you know what to expect. Plus, they have trusted online shops and sellers that will quicken your transaction and ship you the desired bat in no time.

The experiences my child and I had when testing baseball bats turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and memorable ones we had. It not only helped the both of us become more knowledgeable with baseball, but it helped him understand what he needs to improve on, both in the types of baseball terms and physical skills. So I again strongly suggest to you that you spend time with your child purchasing the best youth baseball bats with them for family time AND to help them create new dreams.

Yes, all these learning experience just be choosing and purchasing the right baseball bat for your child! So I really do hope you learn to love the game and encourage your child's dream, starting by investing in the RIGHT baseball bat suitable for them.

In Conclusion

When it comes to playing baseball, you'll ned to make sure that you have the best youth baseball bats for your little one to properly learn the ropes and begin achieving his dream as an awesome baseball player!

I hope that this ultimate purchasing guide on the best youth baseball bats, helped you become more knowledgeable on what you need to know about purchasing these essential pieces of equipment. So what are you waiting for? Invest in the best baseball bat today and reap the many benefits it will have to offer for your child.

If you have any questions or have any more reviews on the best baseball bats for the youth, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

Best Youth Baseball Bats


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