Top 7 Brand Baseball Bats On The Market This 2017

Baseball is one of the most fun sports to play, whether you're a child or child at heart! It's got the many health benefits you'll be able to reap, as well as the enjoyment with teammates or loved ones. But before playing baseball, you'll need to have the best baseball bat on the market! After all, you won't be able to play properly without a baseball bat to swing.

It may be difficult choosing a good baseball bat, especially if you're just a beginner. There are a ton of brands and types to choose from! That's why we help you out and show you fast pitch bat reviews and everything else you need to know about the best baseball bat on the market


Out of all the brands we reviewed, we can say that the best baseball bat on the market comes from Combat. With their vast and reputable history with professional athletes and amateur baseball players, you are assured a quality baseball bat for ultimate comfort, grip, and performance!

Based on our research, testing, and overall customer reviews, here are our top 7 athletic brands who produce the best baseball bats on the market.

Top 7 Brand Baseball Bats

  • Combat
  • Demarini
  • Louisville slugger
  • EAston
  • mizuno
  • marucci
  • rawlings

''Combat is a leading developer, designer and manufacturer of composite baseball and softball bats.

Led by a world-class team of engineers, we have a diverse portfolio of intellectual property and advanced composite technologies that has been advancing athletes’ performance on the field since 1994. Our innovative products are in use at the grassroots level to the elite professional ranks worldwide.'' Detail reviews

About Combat -

Public company.

Founded : 1994

Company size: 200

NAIC : Designer and manufacturer of composite baseball and softball bats.

Contacts :

USA : 253.891.8377

Canada : 613.739.1019

COMBAT is a baseball brand that focuses on producing the best baseball bat on the market, fit for every baseball player. They have entered both the baseball and softball world in 1994, quickly growing their way into big league games. They are known to have composite design created by engineering experts who are also die hard fans of baseball.

They are obsessed with making baseball bats all players need and want, with their motto "For players, by players".

They offer a wide variety of baseball bats, ranging from fast pitch and slow pitch for any baseball player. Their baseball bats have the latest technology to provide ultimate comfort and speed when swinging.

The MAXUM FP-10 Top bats COMBAT

For fast pitch players, we feel like the Maxum FP-10 is the best bet. It's a baseball bat that can be used for ANY association.

The bat also offers the softest feel for comfort, all the while giving the best performance from the lowest compression barrel.

Its handle has the durasoft Lizard Skin grip, so you won't feel any vibration at all, while having the ultimate grip as you swing the bat.

reviews bats COMBAT

What I love about the MAXUM FP-10 is its sleek design! I'm one who loves a sleek, metal body, and the MAXUM FP-10 offers just that. It feels as fresh as it looks, and I am able to play with ease and comfort. It isn't as heavy, but it provides the strength for me to swing hard for fast pitches.

While playing, I have the uniform and consistent strength, no matter how long I use it for. I've had this bat for a few months now, and it shows no signs of wear and tear. It's definitely one of COMBAT's best baseball bats!


DeMarini was named after founder Ray DeMarini, who started creating baseball bats in 1989. His self-named company began to grow quickly after creating the world's first multi-wall bat, the Doublewall. It didn't stop from there, and through his talented and skilled engineers, they continue to create the best baseball bats for all leagues.

They have a "never settle" attitude, where they keep improving on their baseball bats and other products. With their latest technology and want to stay ahead, they stay at the top of the game, being one of the best baseball brand names today.

DeMarini doesn't only offer baseball bats, but they also have a variety of baseball equipment and uniforms for you to complete your outfit for the next baseball game. They even offer baseball apparel for huge baseball fans, perfect for collectibles and showing your love for the sport

The 2017 CF9-11 Zero Dark Fastpitch Bat

One of the newer and more improved bats from DeMarini, this is one for the younger players who want to keep improving on fast pitches. This is a fast pitch bat designed for training or big games. It comes with the latest technologies for both comfort and strength

The bat has a Paraflex Composite battle and D-Fusion 2.0 handle for no vibration when swung. It's one of the best fast pitch bats for children keen on bettering their baseball skills.

DeMarini offers one of the best fast pitch bats for young and older platers alike. I bought this for my child last baseball season, and I was at awe with its dark design that looks professional and made for the big league!

It offers the best performance and ultimate strength whenever it's swung, and my child hasn't experienced discomfort ever since using it, as compared to other bats out there. My only complaint? It isn't as durable as other bats out there, as it cracked after less than a hundred swings.

achilles baseball bats
Easton baseball bats


Easton has been one of the leading industries on baseball equipment for over thirty years! It all started in 1969, after the company produced the first aluminum bat. After that, they have been the company producing many "firsts" in the baseball industry

Today, they still continue to take on new feats, incorporating the latest technologies and skilled engineers to product the best baseball bats on the market. With stability and comfort in their bats, they are a brand name that won't die out anytime soon!

Easton does not only offer a variety of baseball bats, but they also offer baseball and softball equipment suitable for players of any age and size. They offer baseball gloves, sports bags, and other accessories made for baseball. All their products are made for the baseball players' needs and wants, giving them the competitive edge while playing

The Stealth Retro

The Stealth Retro is the new and improved version of the first few models Easton has produced. A bit similar design from the original, but with the latest technology to promote stealth, strength, and aesthetic looks in the field. It's made out of the exact same materials as its predecessor, with a better feel and ultimate comfort while using it.

      What I love about this bat is how I feel NO vibration when using it. Plus, the power it exerts matches the amount of effort I put into it, but making my swings stronger and better.

      And when I hear the pop of the ball meeting the bat? Absolute music to my ears! The smooth body and death grip make my swings balanced and strong. It also has the durable body that will last longer than any bat out there.

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Louisville Slugger

The Louisville Slugger is one of the most popular and respected names out there in the baseball industry. It's been existing for over a hundred years and shows no signs of letting down. They are the number one baseball brand since the first few years of creating the company, with dozens of the greatest athletes using their baseball bats and equipment.

Their beautiful past matches its present, with them offering various baseball equipment designed for any player out there. They continue to innovate and keep their name as longest and best baseball company out today.

Like mentioned, they don't only offer baseball bats. they have a variety of baseball equipment ranging from batting gloves to catcher's gear and equipment. They make sure that they have the best of everything related to baseball with the friendly customer service to boot. Plus, they are for any type of player out there, may they be beginners or professional athletes.


The LXT Hyper comes with a PBF Barrel System and one disc, having peak performance the moment it is out of the packaging. It also has a patented TRU3 Dynamic Socket Connection, for better movement and flexibility as you swing

The pop it makes is one of the best and most intense sounds you'll hear! I love using it, from the moment it go out of the wrapper. You don't even need to do some test runs, as it delivers ultimate performance from the moment you receive it. It also has a faded grip that isn't just pleasing to the eyes, but very good on the hands as well.

It's comfortable and doesn't simply fall off easily. It works great for just about ANY baseball game, perfect for beginners or professionals.


Rawlings isn't only popular in the baseball industry, but they are a major manufacturer on all competitive sports equipment. They are popular and accepted by all professional, collegiate, or ammeter organizations around the world

It all began in 1912, when they created the Sure Catch glove. It was one of the most endorsed by leading players. After making improvements over the years, they have now extended their products from baseball gloves to bats with the latest technologies to provide comfort, performance, and happiness to any baseball player around the world

They offer a variety of sports equipments, focusing on baseball gloves and bats suitable for baseball or softball. They offer baseball equipment with different models and sizes, made for ANY skill level or age. With 65 models of baseball gloves, you are assured not only the best mitts, but awesome baseball bats as well.

The Velo Senior League Wood Bat

     The Velo wood bat may not have the aluminum body many know and love, but this traditional wooden bat still has the similar strengths and pop.

       It's made out of eco-friendly bamboo and strong maple wood for more balance and durability. The new Velo is said to be twice as durable compared to its predecessors

      I love how this bat is the perfect traditional design for adults who want that original baseball feel. Its design is bright with a good feel to it, offering an excellent grip as I play the game.

     It's well-balanced, offers a good pop when swung, and can be used for training or big league games. I've won a lot of games through this simple yet strong baseball bat! I would recommend this for any adult baseball player looking for the wooden feel and edge.


Marucci Bats began in Louisiana, founded by two former Big League players and their athletic trainer. They HANDCRAFTED their bats in their own garage, made for the best players. After ten years and a lot of dedication, they are now the Number One bat in the Big Leagues. It's definitely an inspiring all-American story!

Many professional athletes now use Marucci bats and their other equipment, also investing money and time to advise how Marucci can keep improving on their baseball equipment. With the top players' firsthand advise, they create one of the best baseball equipment out there suitable for any ammeter or professional game

They offer a variety of baseball bats made out of different materials, ranging from wood to aluminum. They also have batting gloves, protective gear, and other accessories made for baseball and softball

The CAT7 Connect BBCOR

The CAT7 is one of the newest models of Marucci, with new technologies such as a two-piece hybrid BBCOR and AZ4X alloy barrel for the ultimate balance and professional feel as you swing the bat. Without the heavy weight but same strength and power, it gives the smooth feeling with every pop and swing.

The moment I laid my eyes on the CAT7, the first thing that popped into my head was its sleek, professional design. It looked like it was made for the big league players!

But what wowed me after was how it performed just as if it were made for the most professional and expert of baseball players. With ultimate balance and that solid feeling, I am able to enjoy every time I hear the bat pop!


Mizuno USA started from the Mizuno Corporation from Japan. This baby is found in Norcross, focusing on various sports equipment such as golf, running, volleyball, and baseball or softball

For over a hundred years (Since 1906!), Mizuno has been able to create a name for themselves with their quality sports equipment and innovative designs made for all types of athletes and players. They live through their corporate philosophy, which is "To contribute to society through the advancement of spots and quality sporting goods".

They offer sports equipment for various sports. But they don't scrimp on the quality of their baseball goods! They have the latest technology, such as Breath Thermo for their clothes, and Arctic Touch that help with heat and moisture throughout intense games. With various baseball bats, gloves, and protective gear for baseball or softball, you will surely find quality, strength, and comfort in what they have to offer

The Generation Senior Youth (-8)

This is the newest generation, made for youth and young adults. With its Hot Metal Alloy + Cortech design, you have the traditional body but with a better pop. It is the combination of performance, strength, and a sweet sound for every swing and pop

     Using the Generation Senior Youth brings me back to the good 'ol days, as it offers the traditional look and feel, but with all the advanced features.

      I love how the grip feels tack and great. The lightweight body gives me better balance but the same power when swinging. I feel faster and better each time I hear that crack! It's easy to use with better control and distance. I would definitely recommend this for any child or young adult!

Playing baseball has a ton of health benefits you'll be able to reap, all this while enjoying with your loved ones! Before that, you will need to invest in the proper baseball equipment for you to begin playing. With the best baseball bat on the market, you will be able to play effectively and win the game.

Combat offers a variety of baseball bats fit for just about any baseball player, from child to adult, beginner to professional athlete. Plus, they have all-new and fantastic designs you'll love. We do love the other brands we mentioned, but Combat wins in having the best baseball bat on the market

You'll be able to purchase these baseball bats from their official online shops, or you can find it in any athletic store near you. So what are you waiting for? Invest in the best baseball bat on the market today! You'll definitely enjoy the quality swings it will make without the discomfort.

We hope you enjoyed the article! If you have anything to say on these youth baseball bat reviews, then do comment down below. We would love to hear what you have to think.

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