Best Baseball Bats

What’s a bat good for?

They don’t call it a best baseball bat for no reason - it’s the only sport that requires a round bat. But what other uses does it have besides beating the tar out of oncoming baseballs? What about self-defense? What about building wrist strength and explosiveness? What about using bats as canes and furniture pieces?

Baseball bats for beginner

There are number of uses for bats beyond the baseball field. However, that is certainly the most common use.

Top 5 best baseball bats for you

​Do you need a bat ?

Depends on who you are. my friends!

Let’s say you’re not a baseball player, but just an average joe without a whim of baseball wisdom. Why would you need a bat?

Do you need bats

Good question!  If you’re someone who either doesn’t like guns or is against them, having a bat around the house is a great alternative to still house a solid self-defense weapon. And that’s for anyone. You may even pick up a few tidbits on the swing and end up becoming more fluent in baseball than you would have ever thought!

If you’re a player or planning to become a baseball player then you will want to have a bat in your hands at some point. Have you ever seen anyone come up to the plate with no bat in their hands? No, so don’t be the first!

​What to look for in a bat.

Size, shape, weight, type: there’s a lot to look at when it comes to choosing a bat. Whether it’s fro baseball or for beside your bed, a bat needs to cater to what you want from it.

If you’re looking to hit incoming fastballs in the blink of an eye, then you’re going to want a bat that is fast in the hands, has a large barrel, and has the right technology to hit the ball as far as possible. But if you’re looking for a bat to hammer an intruder or smash ice for athletic training, you may want a few different attributes.

  • A Few Examples of Bats





Louisville Slugger WB180BB-NA 180 Natural Baseball Bat

  • 32'' - 31 oz
  • 33'' - 32 oz
  • 34'' - 33 oz

Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher

  • 29'' - 1 oz

Easton MAKO Composite Youth Baseball Bat

  • 28'' - 16 oz
  • 29'' - 18 oz
  • ​30'' - 18 oz
  • ​30'' - 19 oz
  • ​31'' - 20 oz
  • 32'' - 21 oz

Easton 2014 S500 SL14S500

  • 28'' - 19 oz
  • 29'' - 20 oz
  • 30'' - 21 oz
  • ​32'' - 23 oz
  • 32'' - 27 oz

Louisville Slugger YBCT152 Youth 2015 Catalyst

  • 28'' - 16 oz
  • 30'' - 18 oz
  • ​31'' - 19 oz
  • 32'' - 20 oz

I will analytical for you a few product, do you see.

Louisville Slugger WB180BB-NA 180 Natural Baseball Bat

This bat is a classic wooden model. Louisville Slugger has been around since 1884, and the name itself draws a large audience towards its production of bats.

This is no exception. It comes in at a very reasonable price: roughly $40 - 60 (Check Prices on Amazon  depending on where you look. It’s made of ash, which is a forgiving and lasting wood. The value for a bat like this can be seen as a bat used for practice, games, or cage BP.

Best baseball bat of Louisville Slugger
Like baseball bat

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It’s heavier than youth models. If you were looking for something to build strength throughout the swing this would be a good option. Since the bat is made of wood, it’s forgiving if hit in the barrel. Continued use of this product will result in more consistent contact with a metal bat. Because metal bats have larger sweet spots, practicing with a wood bat is an incredible tool for better hitting mechanics and more consistent hard contact.

A bat like this would be a great tool for better, focused practice.

Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher

Wooden bats are prone to splitting, cracking, and even breaking on impact. This is not a wood bat. Instead, it’s made of a solid composite material that keeps it from shattering. It’s made to sustain any kind of impact and last through any type of weather. In other words, it’s designed to outlive the life of the owner.

However, this bat is a bit heavier than most normal youth bats. It’s a full two pounds. If you’re looking to create stronger wrists as well as use a bat that is almost impossible to break then this would be a great option. Not to mention, it’s extremely cheap: coming in at roughly $30. You can find it online at places like Amazon, or even your nearest Wal-mart.

Best baseball bat Self-defense

For many people, this serves as a self-defense weapon. It’s small enough to fit in any room and be concealed rather easily: whether that’s behind a door, dresser, under a bed, or even under a couch. Because of it’s extremely durable surface, it can smash, brutalize, and take care of any vermin, intruder, or problem that comes your way.

If you’re looking for durability, value, and a simply indestructible piece of equipment: this would be a great option.

Personal Defense Equipment

Pepper Spray  

The Easton MAKO is an undisputed premiere bat. Whether it’s for youth, high school, or college baseball, this bat is going to perform as well as any other bat on the market. Garnering use by some of the game’s most elite program.Easton has done an incredible job with this model.

 The MAKO uses the patented 2-piece ConneXion technology – which isolates the handle from the barrel.


Easton took another step in abolishing sting by enhancing the grip. The Easton MAKO boasts a cushioned hyperskin grip that gives the hitter more control and a softer feel throughout their swing.

There’s a lot of good things going on with this bat: from enhanced feel to maximum energy transfer. However, the one thing this bat has that others do not is it’s composite technology. Composite bats, although requiring a little break in time, typically have more pop than alloy bats. That’s what’s appealing about them. The Easton MAKO has the latest composite technology (TCT: Thermo Composite Technology). All that means is that the barrel is more forgiving.

Let’s say you hit a ball off the end of the bat. With a wood bat, you may have just shattered that thing. But with the Easton MAKO, the composite technology would change that outcome by being solid contact. We’re talking about a few inches on both sides of the barrel. While that might not seem like a lot, it truly is. That’s a lot more hits in a season than a wood bat would provide. After all, baseball is a game of inches.

This bat would be ideal for the person looking for the highest performance from a bat. This, in my opinion, is too expensive for the consumer looking for a practice bat. The Easton MAKO is one of the best bats in the business, as its price articulates. However, it’s not the most expensive bat out there by any means

Easton 2014 s500 sl14s500

​This bat is tried and true, delivers solid performance, and will last through the rigors of a season

The Easton s500 is largely considered one of the top youth baseball bats in the past few years. Although it doesn’t offer the top technology, the bat is known for its durability and performance. Delivering an extremely strong ally, the 7050 Aircraft alloy, this bat will deliver solid pop over and over again. Alloy bats, unlike composite bats, do not crack or break. Instead, they dent when they are damaged. Even though they may carry dents, the bat still performs the same way it did when it was brand new. That’s the beauty of an alloy bat.

Because this model is a few years old, it can be found on Amazon for a steal. Each year, bat companies deliver new models with new technology. That way, they can charge a lot for the latest technology and buyers believe that they have a competitive advantage over other competition.

However, this is not always the case. The new technology may add a couple feet to a few hits, but most bats made over the last few years will deliver very similar results.

Louisville Slugger YBCT152 Youth 2015 Catalyst (-12)

This bat draws similar praise as that of the Easton MAKO. It is one of Louisville Slugger’s elite models and performs as such. If you’re looking for one of the best bargains in youth baseball, this bat should be on your radar.

Developed and produced in 2015, it boasts composite material throughout the bat, both in the barrel and in the handle. A composite handle keeps vibration to a minimum so that, when balls are hit off the barrel, it doesn’t sting the hands. The grip is cushioned to prove an even softer, more comfortable feel during practice and gameplay.

The Catalyst is a one-piece construction. This gives great stiffness through the swing to keep the bat solid throughout all points of the swing. Many two-piece bats boast of greater ball distance because of a ‘spring-load’ effect. It’s the same idea with the flex of a golf shaft. In order for the flex to be effective the swing must strike the ball at the perfect time. That’s a lot easier when the ball is sitting still as opposed to moving at 90 miles an hour. Flex is like a double-edge sword: it can help here and there, but it can also hurt here and there. Keep that in mind when you’re looking for the ideal bat.

This bat is designed to feel light. The weight is greater in the handle to give more control to the hitter. When the bat is end-loaded, it requires more effort to keep the barrel stable throughout the swing.

This bat is designed to feel light

 When it is lighter, it gives the hitter more control to move the barrel, or keep it level, during a swing. Power hitters tend to use end-loaded bats while guys looking for contact will look for a more balanced bat. This bat would be considered a balanced bat with the perks of a power hitter’s arsenal

For the price of the top bats on the market, you can’t beat the bargain of the Louisville Slugger Catalyst. It’s durability has been proven and it rivals even the newest model bats in performance. If you want to save a few hundred dollars, but still have the tech edge, the Catalyst would be a suitable choice.

Recommend for you

Whether it’s self-defense, practice, carpentry, or simply owning a piece of baseball history, bats can serve a number of unique purposes. But for the sake of time, here are our top recommendations for the most common uses of a baseball bat.

1. Self-defense

Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher

· The name itself implies punishment. This bat can give a beating, take a beating, and is light enough to give anyone a sense of empowerment if a problem arises. It comes at an extremely reasonable price and can be found here at Amazon .

2.Baseball Bats Practice

Louisville Slugger NA 180

The point of practice should be to enhance game results. That comes through training of the mind, body, and instincts. A wooden bat is a necessity for any player looking to get better on the diamond. Because the barrel’s responsiveness is so much smaller on a wooden bat, continued use will result in more consistent contact in the “sweet spot”! And more consistent hits in the “sweet spot” results in harder contact which results in better results. On top of that, the bat is a little heavier than other metal bats. That makes it a great tool to build wrist strength and speed.

3. Youth Baseball bats

This bat has a record of great performance. It also is going to withstand the rigors of a season and also be a consistent player as a youth player grows up. The glaring difference that we like about this bat compared to others is its price point. Because it’s a couple years older, the bat’s value has decreased a great deal even though it still provides an incredible amount of value to whoever yields it in their hands. For the price, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a deal than the Easton s500.

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