Best Baseball Bats Of 2016

There’s three parts to the game of baseball – pitching, defense, and offense. For two of those you only need a ball and a glove. For the other, you need a bat.

But picking the bat that’s perfect for you isn’t something you can just run through. You have to know what you’re looking for and what kind of player you are. Do you like a thicker handle for more bat control? Are you a power hitter or a gap-to-gap kind of guy?

The first part in choosing what bat is best for you is determining who you are as a player. I’ll do my best to help you through selecting the best bat for you by going through the basics of the top five models on the market right now.

The bats below will all be BBCOR certified (which stands for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution). This certification means that the bat complies with the standards issued by the NFHS and NCAA.

Essentially, if you are playing by the NCAA or NFHS rules, you must use a BBCOR certified bat. Even in the youth levels of baseball (like Little League, USSSA, PONY, Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken, and Dixie) BBCOR bats are regularly required.

That’s why this list will consist of all BBCOR certified bats.


Easton has been a consistent and long-time front-runner in the metal bat business.Their cutting edge technology and new designs always captivate young and experienced hitters. The Easton MAKO is no exception.


With an enhanced barrel and two-piece technology, the MAKO delivers a consistent feel and approach to all hitters. It’s a much more balanced bat, boasting more weight in the handle to increase bat speed, and an extremely comfortable grip for hours in the cage without destroying your hands. What’s nice about this model is that it comes in an XL version (the BB16MKL) that is weighted heavier in the barrel so that there is more power through the zone than in the standard version.

This would be ideal for hitters looking to put more behind the ball when they do make contact. If you’re a power hitter, this is the version you’d enjoy.


Marucci is much better known for their wooden bat, but ever since they landed on the scene a few years ago they’ve never disappointed the market. And this bat is no exception. With a clean look and even better feel, the Marucci Cat 6 is one of the few one-piece alloy constructions still in the market today. Two-piece technology boasts of better results, but there is no obstruction of feel in a solid bat. Think about how a wood bat feels and a metal bat.


The idea is that the Cat 6 provides the most consistent feel and swing with that of a wooden bat (like the professionals use). However, it boasts barrel-end wall thickness for greater response on ball strike and a patented anti-vibration knob to take away all the stings of a ball missing a barrel. This is a very nice feature for those of you playing in cold conditions…

All in all, the Marucci Cat 6 is an extremely well balanced and affordable package.


POWER HITTERS–this is the bat for you. Demarini has been making better and better bats every year it seems like.The 2015 model was a success and the RAW looks to follow that pattern.


Earlier it was said that power hitters tend to have end-loaded bats. That simply means that weight of the bat is heavier towards the barrel instead of the handle. This bat is slightly end loaded to give a more powerful, engaging feel to the swing.

With an extremely stiff neck, it gives the sensation of fluid construction because you don’t feel any flex during the swing. The Vexxum, another Demarini model, has a flexible neck so that there can be power added to a slower swing – that’s why the Voodoo is for those who already carry a strong swing.

Probably the most polished bat, the Voodoo is always a safe choice when looking for a durable and rewarding bat. Plus, this time it doesn’t require any break-in period!


If you’re looking for the easiest bat to control: that’s what this is for. Although it carries the highest price on this list, you still get what you pay for. Being a composite, you’ll want to break in the barrel a little before you take it in the game – but that’s seriously the only tiny rut you’ll run into with this bat.



As it says on their site, the Demarini CF-8 is “science of power”. Although the bat feels weightless in your hands, it carries more power than most bats could dream of. The barrel has been made bigger to create a larger sweet spot. Not to mention, this bat will stand the tests of a grueling season.

It’s a lot of money, but you get what you pay for.


Like the CF-8, described earlier in the post, the 716 is a composite model as well. It takes a few times to the cage to break in, but is well worth the wait. The composite bats will last for a long time.


Although Louisville Slugger isn’t exactly a household name in the metal bat market, this model is sure to sway the opinions of many hitters who hold it in their grips. The biggest difference you’ll hear is that the bat sounds more like a wooden bat than a metal one. Instead of the deadened ‘ping’ that most BBCOR bats carry, you’ll hear more of a crack on a well-hit ball.

As in all things, decide for yourself which bat is most comfortable for you. It’s a long season. As a wise man once told me, “Get what you want the first time so you don’t regret it.”

In order from first to last, here is my list of the best baseball bats of 2016. (Considered in terms of best overall deal and satisfaction)

There you have it my friends! Remember, the bats I choose may not be the one you end up selecting and that is fine! Just be happy with whatever bat you decide is the best baseball bat of your 2016 season. Yet if you care - you can view information below :

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James P. Varela - November 10, 2016

I prefer wooden bat more , it don’t break when impact and cheap.

    admin - November 11, 2016

    wooden bat – cheap -> ok / wooden bat – don’t break -> Fail! ^_^ . hope you pick your favorite bats


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