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How to Keep Your Wrists From Being Injured When You Hit the Ball

Now that you're fully acquainted with the common baseball injuries and why your wrist can be at risk, you're probably wondering how to keep the baseball away from hitting any of your body parts!

Here are some ways you can prevent wrist injuries while keeping your body safe from the quick baseball:


Before anything else, you will need to make sure that you have conditioned yourself to get ready for the game. This calls for pre-game stretches that will help prevent any strains on your wrists. Before a game, flex your wrists and stretch your arms, even using a baseball to squeeze. The squeeze will help improve your grip.

For wrist strength, rotate your bat to the sides, which can help strengthen the wrist and get used to proper form.

Training and Practice

How to Keep Your Wrists From Being Injured When You Hit the Ball

Another way to prevent the ball from hitting your wrist would be to acquaint yourself with the proper swing mechanics. It will take a lot of practice until when takes on the correct form of swinging the bat, which will aid in preventing the batter from his wrist meeting the baseball.

For beginners, start off with half swings until your wrist is ready for the full swing, with your wrist rolling accurately despite the weight of the bat.

Keep on practicing how to properly swing and aim for the baseball, and there will be lesser chances of the ball hitting your wrists.


One of the reasons why baseball players would end up getting hit by the ball is because they lack the confidence to swing properly. Because of the fear of getting hit, they end up swinging wrong or not swinging at all, with their body parts getting hit, focusing on their wrist.

To avoid that and make sure that the player hits, they must overcome the fear of getting hit and practice. You can do this by having someone throw tennis balls at you, expecting to hit the ball rather than to get hit by it.

Don't Get Hit By Your Wrist

Sometimes, a ball flying to your body is inevitable. So if you're batting and the ball is coming right towards you, prevent it from injuring your wrist by turning your back and head away from the pitcher, facing the backstop. Pinch your shoulder blades to protect your neck with the helmet. Quickly get down on one knee. 

If there's not enough time for you to move away from the ball, then turn your back away from the pitcher, letting the ball hit your buttocks instead of your wrist. It will hurt less if you were hit in that area, as you have less nerve endings and it's softer there.

These are very quick moves that will take time and practice to achieve.

You can practice this move by throwing baseballs at the player for him to get ready and prepare for any hits that may come his way. It's also best that he put his bat to the ground to avoid the bat from hitting the ball, so the hit won't count.

Take note that being hit by a baseball will happen at times, and while you can do things to stop it from happening, it can hit your wrist or other parts of your body. If it does happen, the best way to overcome it is to act stoic and shrug it off. That way, it shows strength and sportsmanship.

And if ever you get hit hard, then you may need to sep medical attention. Apply ice on the part that was hit, letting your wrist rest. Keep the ice on for about 20 minutes to reduce the swelling, then wrap it with a cloth or bandage for two days, making sure that the wrist is positioned above the chest area. 

It will take a few days for your affected wrist to heal, so make sure you rest up and avoid strenuous activities or exercise that can further damage it.

More Tips on How to Stay Safe While Playing Baseball

Besides knowing how to keep your wrists free from injury by the baseball, you'll also need to know how to stay safe in other ways. May you be a child or adult baseball player, or even a fan watching in the sidelines, here are the crucial baseball safety tips you need to take note of: baseball.epicsports.com



In order to avoid getting lost or confused as to where you should go or who fields the ball, you'll need to communicate with your teammates and create a game plan, which will help prevent any form of collisions or accidents due to confusion.


One of the reasons why people sustain injuries while on the field is due to their lack of confidence and common sense when stepping up to bat. Not only should you be confident with attitude, but you should also have the common sense and knowledge on batting or in any other role as a baseball player. If you feel like you'll miss the ball or get hit, then know when to use your reflexes and avoid it from hitting you. You should practice how to become quick and flexible, which helps in avoiding injuries while helping you improve as a baseball player.


When running the bases, you will need to make sure that you steer clear of other players. Saying heads up or keeping your eye out for others while you run can help avoid any form of accidents or fumbles with other people. Another thing you should take notice of is the way you run and the field you are on, training to run without slipping to avoid nasty falls that hurt you and your score.


Wearing the quality and strong equipment is critical so as to avoid any hits from becoming worse. It isn't only about the proper equipment, but checking it in case it has any damage that would deem the thing useless.

Also, check the playing field as well to free it from any form of pot holes or broken shards that players may trip on while running.


One crucial thing to take note of would be prevention of injuries would be through stretching. Avoid falling into cramps or easily fracturing yourself from wrong positioning by conditioning your muscles before the official game, stretching and staying physically fit. Training to stay in proper position and pitch well is crucial as well.

First Aid Kit

Those officials in charge or coaches should always be prepared for what may come. That's why it's best to pack in a kit filled with essentials that will treat common injuries.

In Conclusion

If you're planning to play baseball, then you're gonna get into one of the most awesome sports in your life! But of course, there are safety precautions you'll need to take care of so you can avoid any form of injuries in the long run. Not only will this help you become a better player, but it prevents you from experiencing any form of pain or injury that can affect you in the long run.

I hope that this article on how to keep your wrists from being injured when you hit the ball helped you become more knowledgeable on baseball safety and what you should do to stay out of injuries and accidents. So what are you waiting for? Start playing baseball right and become a better player with what you learned in this article!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips on baseball safety, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think about the matter.

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