The Best Girl Baseball Bats

When it comes to fun and fitness, I would definitely think of baseball. It's one of the best sports anyone would be able to play! Imagine yourself on the fields with all your teammates, trying to score and win the game. The wind blowing on your face, the baseball bat by your side, and the adrenaline rush you feel as you swing! It's the reason why I love playing it almost everyday.


The problem is that many don't take me as seriously as I wish they did, mainly because they think that baseball is a "guy's sport". But as a woman who plays baseball, I believe that it's a game anyone of any age and gender can play. If you're one of the women who want to start playing the game, you'll need one of the best girl baseball bats. The question is: How do you choose one?

​I'll show you some things you need to know about getting the best girl baseball bats!

Brittany Agpar: The One-Handed Female Baseball Player

Best girl baseball player

Before going into the specifics of the baseball bat, I'll share a very inspiring story about a baseball player I admire. Baseball pitcher Brittany Agpar is not only a female baseball player, but a young one at that! At 12 years old, she trains and is learning to play like a pro. That isn't the only thing that makes her inspiring, though. It's the fact that she was only born with one hand

She started playing tee ball at 3 years old, often playing with the boys and igniting her passion for the sport ever since then. The baseball player has had 11 prosthetic hands for sports, often breaking it from playing in the rough and training intensely! She can pitch up to a whopping 75 miles per hour and can play about any position on the field. With her quick reflexes and a passion to learn, she received a scholarship to the Amputee Coalition Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp. It is where she learned various sports and activities with fellow youth campers who suffered from similar conditions as she did as well

As a baseball player and an active volunteer in various organizations, she doesn't let her missing hand stop her from playing any type of sports and doing the best she can. She continues to play baseball and is part of numerous sports teams in her school, including basketball. Her dream is to become rich, famous and to keep playing baseball.

And hopefully, she'll become just that! She's a tough girl who never gives up, trying her best to get what she wants. And that's what truly makes her someone to look up to in the world of baseball and life overall!

Getting the Best Girl Baseball Bats

One thing to know about getting the best girl baseball bat is that it will take research. It all depends on what you feel, so you will need to test some out. The two main things to check out would be the length and weight. The baseball bat should be of correct length, reaching your index finger when placing the handle end of the bat on your chest and extending it to your arm. The weight should be light enough for you to carry after multiple swings, but heavy enough to swing the ball properly.

You should also consider how it was made, making sure that it's made out of quality material to withstand multiple hits and games for years to come. Basically, it all depends on your feel and what you think is right for your baseball games. You can get baseball bats from reputable online shops, or in your local sports stores near you

A lot of people will be surprised to know that there are actually many girls who play baseball! Whether it's for fun or as a profession, it's a popular sport for girls around the world as well. Hopefully, Brittany's story inspired you to ignite YOUR passion for baseball, as well as helped you choose the right baseball bat you need to begin playing. So what are you waiting for? Get the best girl baseball bat and pursue your dreams of becoming the next best female baseball player today!

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