Why Do Baseball Players Use Wooden bats ?

Why do baseball players use wooden bats ? Good question 

If you're looking for an excellent sport to take up, then you can try baseball. It has a ton of health benefits you'll be able to reap, making it ideal for just about anyone.


Whether it's for children or adults, you'll find fun and exercise with the sport. But before playing baseball, you'll need to make sure that you invest in a baseball bat, as this is an essential when playing the game! The wooden bat is the original tool, which might make you wonder: "why do baseball players use wooden bats?

If might seem confusing at first, since aluminum bats are now in and may appear stronger. But I show you what you need to know about wooden bats and why the big league organizations use it

What is a Wooden Bat?

Before you begin swinging the baseball to create a home run, you'll need the help of a bat and to enhance your swinging skills. It's an essential element, used to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher, so you have a chance to score for your team and win the game

The baseball bat should have the similar dimensions of what the big league uses, which should be a diameter of no more than 2.75 inches (at its thickest area) and its length should be 42 inches long (maximum). Also, the bats should weigh about two pounds. The size will depend on the height and age of the baseball player, though 


Why Do Baseball Players Use Wooden Bats?

You may have seen many college baseball teams using aluminum bats during their games. That's because they come with many advantages, including a stronger swing to the ball!

So why do you still see many baseball players, and even major league organizations, using the traditional wooden bat?

Many professional baseball players are very skilled and have trained for years, and if they use an even better and more improved baseball bat, you'll not see much action, as the aluminum bat makes it an easy win for the hitter

It makes more sense for older and professional teams to use wooden bats since it requires more work and training to find the "sweet spot" when hitting the ball and winning the game. It makes you work harder for your hit, making it more of a great challenge when wanting to become a professional at the sport.

Why Do MBL Players Use Wooden Bats?

MLB, or Major League Baseball, is one of the four professional baseball organizations known around the world. With over 30 teams, they are one of the best, using wooden bats during their games! But why?

Again, it's about the fairness of both teams

The wooden bat is what the MBL started out with, but it isn't just about tradition. The aluminum bat has a more robust construction compared to wooden bats, which makes it better to grip and make an incredible swing when hitting the ball


Because of the strength of aluminum, it would give the hitter an unfair advantage towards his opposing team. Especially since the pitcher would only be using his hand and not any particular equipment like the aluminum bat to throw the ball!

Another reason would be for safety purposes. Aluminum bats are more robust, making it a safety hazard for the people around the hitter (including the defenseless pitcher)

Who Should Use a Wooden Bat?

Now that you know why baseball players use wooden bats, but who should be using them?

If you want to hone your skills and give yourself a challenge into becoming a professional baseball player, then you should use a wooden bat.

For children in smaller leagues, then using a metal bat is fine, as it's safer and will give your child better experience and practice during his first few years

But I recommend the child (and other aspiring baseball players) to work his way up and to at least train with a wooden bat, so he knows the feel and how to swing without depending on the sturdy aluminum correctly

How to Choose the Perfect Bat For You

If you're planning to purchase a wooden bat to start playing baseball, then here are the two most important factors to consider:



This type of equipment is a bit more expensive, but known to last for a very long time. These bats have a superb feel, as long as they are made with the genuine and quality maple wood


It has a solid construction, though a bit heavier than others. But if you can handle the weight, they're extremely durable and difficult to break


This is an exotic material made with quality bamboo known to prevent any form of damage or splits. It sounds great, though expensive


Depending on your age and gender, make sure to find a baseball bat suitable to both YOUR comfort and the baseball game's regulations

As long as you purchase from legitimate shops and reputable brands with positive reviews, you'll be able to find the sturdy bat suitable for your size and comfort


When you're planning to take up baseball, you'll need to make sure that you invest in the proper equipment, such as the best baseball bat to keep you playing fairly and with skill. But what kind of baseball bat should you get? While the aluminum bats are new, you might want to consider starting out with the original wooden bat, which MLB players use!

I hope that this article answers your question: "Why do MBL players use wooden bats?" Now that you know why baseball players use wooden bats, you can choose the best one suitable for you and begin playing the sport today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences with playing baseball using a wooden bat, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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